Understanding People


Understanding people has never been so important, whether it be for recruitment, promotion or training purposes. Knowing the people you have in you business or are potentially going to bring into your business will ensure you are well equipped to understand their development needs and any skill gaps that may require attention. At Kaizen Executive, we have partnered with the fastest growing and most advanced provider of pre and post employment assessments to help you do exactly just that. 


High Performance Pipeline
By ensuring that employees have “fit” with their respective roles and that your management team are confident leaders and coaches, employee engagement will increase as a result. Our High Performance Pipeline incorporates the following steps:

  • ATTRACT: Role Benchmarks, Targeted Job Adverts, Skills Testing, Interview Questions
  • UNDERSTAND: Employee and Customer Surveys, Skills & Knowledge, High Performance Benchmarks
  • RETAIN: Succession Planning, Customised Coaching, 360° Leadership Development & Coaching
  • RESULTS: Engagement, Productivity, Profitability, Customer Service 

Profile Assessments
Profile assessments are used for a number of reasons…putting people in the right jobs, understanding if people are suitable for that next promotion, identifying skill gaps that can be supported by professional mentoring and coaching or just simply for understanding who’s on your team and how better to manage them.

When you consider that high performing employees generate almost twice as much in productivity when measured against a poor performer; which translates directly into profitability…why would you not want to know what makes up the DNA of your high performers and either bring more of them into your business or train, mentor and coach your people to become one?

Skills Testing
Skills tests are a cost efficient and quick method of screening candidates or employees more effectively for their roles by testing their knowledge against selected criteria. With over 250 standard tests and more being added each month, we can provide the largest range of skills and knowledge tests in Australia that are customisable to suit the needs of your business.

These tests can be timed or untimed; basic, intermediate or advanced in questioning type, with results being delivered via email almost immediately. By using these skills tests, you streamline your screening process, identify early candidates or employees that have exceptional job skills, save money by improving the quality of candidates and improve the legal compliance of the recruitment process.