Forging Futures


With the sales environment more competitive than ever; growing pressure on us all to deliver outstanding results and competition as fierce as it has ever been from both local and international sources, up-skilling and educating your sales professional has never been more important than it is now. At Kaizen Executive, our training programs come in many different formats, but they all have one key powerful thread connecting them all…they are industry specific, relevant and designed to meet the needs of all levels of sales professionals including those who may be wanting to enter the profession of selling.   



Accelerator Sales Masterclass
The Accelerator Sales Masterclass has been designed with the more experienced sales professional in mind. Using the basic principles of selling, coupled with some of the most recent sales trends, this Masterclass will challenge the participants to think differently and take those steps required to get ahead of the sales pack. 

Developed and presented by David Esler, the content for this program has been derived from training sales professionals for many years and more importantly, working with them one on one in a mentoring and coaching role either out in the field or in the participants workplace.

Sales Force Effectiveness – “Execution is the Key”
The Sales Force Effectiveness training program is a natural extension from the Accelerator Sales Masterclass and will provide participants with the confidence and knowledge on how to execute what they have learned in the training out in field or back in their workplace.

Taking the tools, techniques and learning’s from the training, participants will be mentored and coached out in the field or in their workplace on how best to execute their learning’s for maximum benefit and results.

Custom Built Training
Through watching, listening and learning…we know that not every business and the sales professionals that work for them are the same. Even businesses and staff in the same industry have different needs and requirements and it is important to recognise this and be able to meet those differing needs.

Being flexible and service focussed; we have taken our training programs and broken them down into sixteen (16) different modules of approximately 90 – 120 minutes each so that we can tailor any training requirements to meet the specific sales training needs or skill gaps of any client.

General Sales Training
If you are looking for specific sales training on particular aspects of selling, Kaizen Executive also offers one day training programs on specific topics including Prospecting, Sales Presentations, Negotiation, Field Time Management, Commercial Sales (The Financial Aspects) and Basic Computer Skills.

Kaizen Executive has also written and delivers a 2 day Sales Skills Workshop for the Australian Fenestration Training Institute (AFTI) which forms part of the Australian Window Association (AWA). If you would like to know more about this program, please visit to review the training dates in each state.