Why Kaizen Estimation?
  • 30+ years of industry participation
  • Market leading industry software
  • Degree qualified estimation staff
  • AWA Industry standards trained
  • Multiple systems supplier knowledge
  • Understanding of fabricator needs
  • Services include:
    • Take-offs
    • Door Scheduling
    • Soft Tech V6 estimation
    • OrgaData LogiKal estimation
    • Shop floor drawings
    • Production schedules
  • We work with your database
  • Cost effective estimation services
  • We like to keep things simple.
Client Testimonials

We contacted David from Kaizen to provide our growing demands for estimating complicated structures.

To my surprise they were very quick to learn about what we require, and after a very short turnaround, they were able to brilliantly interoperate & estimate our plans with supreme accuracy.

Highly recommend Kaizen as they make the entire process virtually seamless. 10/10 for Kaizen!

Benjamin Salfischberger
Cladding Estimator
Rayners Building Supplies


Kaizen Executive has added another service offer to its business, now providing Takeoff and Estimation services through its construction industry focused business. Since inception as an industry focused recruitment firm, Kaizen Executive has continually been asked to seek out suitably qualified Estimators with an understanding of industry-based software, such as Soft Tech V6 and OrgaData LogiKal. Our clients also need staff that understand the major system suppliers’ databases, which are subtly all different.
Having identified that there are not enough suitably qualified or appropriately trained people in our industry, due in main through not being able to fulfil our customer requests for Estimators, we have now embarked on providing these services through Kaizen Estimation.


  • Supplying highly cost-effective estimation services into a market that has limited resources.
  • To keep the increasing costs of full-time estimation employment in check.
  • Providing service excellence through speed, accuracy and consistent quality in our estimation services process.
  • Employ staff that are degree qualified in an appropriate discipline that come from a technical background. They understand the technical requirements of our industry.
  • Keep things simple and provide a service that is all inclusive, including all staff outgoings, equipment and system and product training.
  • Use the most up to date software in order to deliver accurate and timely shop floor drawings, take-offs and estimation services.
  • Continue our focus on providing high quality services and support to the fenestration industry nationally.
  • With over 30 years participation in the fenestration and construction industry, we will keep at the forefront of changes in the standards and provide services that support these regulations.

What’s the Process?

Getting involved is easy. We have a step by step process that means that nothing slips through the cracks, which includes:

  • Identifying and defining our customers’ needs and what level of support they require.
  • Calculate the service requirements and develop a specific service package that meet your service needs and budget.
  • Establish which systems supplier or product database is being used and how this is specifically configured to meet the needs of your business.
  • Establish a remote access platform that connects us to your software to complete any company specific estimation services.
  • If you just require take-offs or shop drawings using AutoCAD, then these can be provided through a Dropbox or a cloud-based folder such as MS Office 365.
  • Complete the tasks involved and place them in a quarantined folder for customer checking and estimation signoff.
  • Estimation tasks complete … Why do it any other way. It is as simple as that!